" We do a better job! "

Congratulations Class of 2018, your senior year has begun!

Established in 1980, Kurt Burton Photography specializes in High School Senior Portraits. Senior Portraits at our studio are professional yet casual. Our style is traditional yet contemporary. Our studio also provides private dressing rooms with full length mirrors for your use.

For ladies we have many different color boas, white fur drapes, black velvet drapes, and cap & gowns. One of our female staff members will assist you in getting ready, and also be present during the photo session to help with lighting and posing.

For the men we have the black tuxedo and the cap & gown in sizes to fit the smallest, as well as the largest. We also have several full length backgrounds; let us know if you are interested in full length pictures when you schedule your portrait appointment.

Casual attire is also an option; everything from block jackets, cheerleader outfits, and dress suits, to baseball uniforms, ballet outfits, or a favorite shirt.

Buddy shots are also a great way to kick off your senior year. Bring your best friend, your siblings, your small animal, or your family, the more the merrier.

You can also customize your buddy shot with special props of your own, or you can use props provided by our studio, such as the 2016 blocks.

In addition to props, we also use many different kinds of backgrounds, such as studio canvas grey, solid white, and solid black, and we can tint any background to match your attire.

For more portrait samples please visit our senior portrait gallery.